Blue-tailed Bee-eater
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Birds encountered in the Aggtelek National Park 
    Honey Buzzard  Pernis apivorus                 Birds seen on 2nd & 3rd day.
    Goshawk  Accipiter gentiles                        1 female seen 2nd day.
    Lesser-spotted Eagle  Aguila pomarina       Bird seen loafing in field, then later flying.
    Imperial Eagle  Aguila heliaca                     Birds seen on 3 occasions.
    Black Woodpecker  Dryocopus martinus       1 bird at the rear of the hotel.
    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker  Dendrocopos minor     1 bird on 2nd day.
    Tree Pipit  Anthus trivialis                          1 bird seen 3rd day.
    Grey Wagtail  Motacilla cinerea                  Singletons seen days 2 & 4.
    Wren  Troglodytes troglodytes                     Birds seen but more often heard.
    Robin  Erithacus rubecula                             Only 2 sightings 1st & 2nd days.
    Whinchat  Saxicola rubetra                          1 bird seen on day 2.
    Song Thrush  Turdus philomellos                   Birds seen on days 1, 2 & 3. 
    Mistle Thrush  Turdus viscivorus                  Sightings on days 1 & 2.
    River Warbler  Locustella fluviatilis             3 birds seen during trip, many heard singing.
    Barred Warbler  Sylvia nisoria                    Birds encountered on days 2 & 3.
    Whitethroat  Sylvia communis                      2 sightings on day 2 only sightings for trip.
    Wood Warbler  Phylloscopus sibilatrix         Small numbers seen in woods.
    Chiffchaff  Phylloscopus collybita                 Common bird for the region.
    Collared Flycatcher  Ficedula albicollis      Only 1 bird seen.
    Marsh Tit  Parus palustris                            Singleton on 1st day.
    Blue Tit  Parus caeruleus                              Odd birds on first 3 days.
    Coal Tit  Parus ater                                      Just one sighting for the trip.
    Nuthatch  Sitta europaea                              Pair feeding young in hotel grounds.
    Treecreeper  Certhia familiaris                     2 sightings behind hotel.
    Jay  Garrulus glandarius                                A common bird for the region.
    Raven  Corvus corax                                       Birds encountered days 2 & 3.
    Serin  Serinus serinus                                    Only 1 sighting although several birds heard.
    Hawfinch  Coccothraustes coccothraustes        Many birds encountered during our stay.
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