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Trinidad and Tobago Species Trip List






    Least Grebe

    Tachybaptus dominicus

    Small numbers at Hilton Ponds Tobago

    Audubon's Shearwater

    Puffinus lherminieri

    Single bird in nest Little Tobago

    Red-billed Tropicbird

    Phaethon aethereus

    100> birds Little Tobago

    Brown Pelican

    Pelecanus occidentalis

    Common bird around coasts of both Trinidad/Tobago

    Red-footed Booby

    Sula sula

    Small numbers seen nesting on Little Tobago

    Brown Booby

    Sula leucogaster

    Same status as above

    Neotropic Cormorant

    Phalacrocorax brasilianus

    Only birds seen at Waterloo in Trinidad


    Anhinga anhinga

    Odd birds at Bon Accord Tobago

    Magnificent Frigatebird

    Fregata magnificens

    A common bird around the coast of both Islands

    Cocoi Heron

    Ardea cocoi

    1 bird only at Nariva swamp

    Great Egret

    Ardea alba

    Birds common at suitable sites

    Tricoloured Heron

    Egretta tricolour

    Odd birds encountered on both islands

    Little Blue Heron

    Egretta caerulea

    Small numbers encountered on Trinidad

    Snowy Egret

    Egretta thula

    Small numbers encountered on both islands

    Little Egret

    Egretta garzetta

    Sighting confined to Tobago water works at Bon Accord

    Cattle Egret

    Bubulcus ibis

    Very common on both islands

    Striated Heron

    Butorides striata

    Odd birds with sightings restricted to Trinidad

    Green Heron

    Butorides virescens

    A common bird around the water works & Bon Accord

    Yellow-crowned Night-heron

    Nyctanassa violacea

    Seen most days on Tobago

    Scarlet Ibis

    Eudocimus ruber

    Unforgettable scene at Caroni Marsh

    Black-bellied Whistling-duck

    Dendrocygna autumnalis

    30> seen at water works Tobago

    White-cheeked Pintail

    Anas bahamensis

    Only sightings were water works Tobago

    Blue-winged Teal

    Anas discors

    Small numbers at water works Tobago

    Ring-necked Duck

    Aythya collaris

    Only sighting 4 birds Hilton Ponds Tobago

    Black Vulture

    Coragyps atratus

    A very common bird on Trinidad

    Turkey Vulture

    Cathartes aura

    Again fair numbers encountered most days Trinidad


    Pandion haliaetus

    3 sighting on Tobago & 2 on Trinidad

    Grey-headed Kite

    Leptodon cayanensis

    Singletons on 25th & 26th Trinidad

    White Hawk

    Leucopternis albicollis

    Single bird from Asa Wright Veranda

    Common Black-hawk

    Buteogallus anthracinus

    A fairly common raptor on Trinidad

    Great Black-hawk

    Buteogallus urubitinga

    2 sightings Tobago, 1 Trinidad

    Savannah Hawk

    Buteogallus meridionalis

    Only sighting 2 birds cattle research station Trinidad

    Grey Hawk

    Asturina nitida

    Both sightings restricted to Trinidad

    Broad-winged Hawk

    Buteo platypterus

    A sighting of 1 bird on both islands

    Short-tailed Hawk

    Buteo brachyurus

    1 bird only Trinidad

    Zone-tailed Hawk

    Buteo albonotatus

    A single bird 26th on Trinidad

    Crested Caracara

    Caracara cheriway

    Good views of a single bird Nariva Swamp Trinidad

    Yellow-headed Caracara

    Milvago chimachima

    Several sightings all on Trinidad


    Falco columbarius

    1 bird seen 26th Trinidad

    Peregrine Falcon

    Falco peregrinus

    1 bird seen hunting the cliffs Little Tobago

    Rufous-vented Chachalaca

    Ortalis ruficauda

    3 sightings all on Tobago

    Trinidad Piping-guan

    Pipile pipile

    Only endemic of the trip, 1 bird Blanchisseuse Rd

    Purple Gallinule

    Porphyrio martinica

    2 birds seen, 1 Hilton Ponds Tobago, 1 Nariva Trinidad .

    Common Moorhen

    Gallinula chloropus

    All sightings restricted to water works Tobago

    Wattled Jacana

    Jacana jacana

    A common bird at suitable locations on both islands

    Southern Lapwing

    Vanellus chilensis

    Birds common at suitable locations

    Grey Plover

    Pluvialis squatarola

    3 birds at Waterloo Trinidad

    Semipalmated Plover

    Charadrius semipalmatus

    Small numbers on the breakwater Tobago & Waterloo


    Charadrius vociferus

    A singleton at Hilton Ponds Tobago


    Numenius phaeopus

    Birds encountered on both islands

    Lesser Yellowlegs

    Tringa flavipes

    Several birds resident at Water Works Tobago

    Solitary Sandpiper

    Tringa solitaria

    1 at Hilton Ponds Tobago & 1 at Waterloo Trinidad

    Spotted Sandpiper

    Actitis macularia

    Several sightings on both islands


    Catoptrophorus semipalmatus

    A single bird at Waterloo Trinidad

    Ruddy Turnstone

    Arenaria interpres

    20> birds Blue Waters Tobago and 4 at Waterloo Trinidad


    Calidris alba

    A single bird at Coco Reef Tobago

    Semipalmated Sandpiper

    Calidris pusilla

    1 bird at Waterloo Trinidad

    Western Sandpiper

    Calidris mauri

    A sighting of 1 bird on both islands

    Least Sandpiper

    Calidris minutilla

    2 sightings both on Trinidad

    Lesser Black-backed Gull

    Larus fuscus

    2 birds with Laughing gulls at Waterloo Trinidad

    Laughing Gull

    Larus atricilla

    The most numerous gull of the region

    Sandwich Tern  

    Sterna sandvicensis

    1 bird at Waterloo Trinidad

    Royal Tern

    Sterna maxima

    50> birds at Waterloo Trinidad

    Large-billed Tern

    Phaetusa simplex

    20> birds at Waterloo Trinidad

    Black Skimmer

    Rynchops niger

    30> birds loafing on beach Waterloo Trinidad

    Scaled Pigeon

    Patagioenas speciosa

    1 bird at Asa Wright, 2 birds Blanchisseuse Rd Trinidad

    Pale-vented Pigeon

    Patagioenas cayennensis

    1 sighting on Tobago

    Eared Dove

    Zenaida auriculata

    A common dove on Tobago, no sightings Trinidad

    Common Ground-dove

    Columbina passerina

    A couple of birds seen Trinidad

    Ruddy Ground-dove

    Columbina talpacot

    A very common bird on both Tobago & Trinidad

    White-tipped Dove

    Leptotila verreauxi

    A couple of birds seen on Tobago

    Grey-fronted Dove

    Leptotila rufaxilla

    1 sighting only Asa Wright Centre Trinidad

    Red-bellied Macaw

    Orthopsittaca manilata

    Up to 6 birds both visits to Waller Fields Trinidad

    Green-rumped Parrotlet

    Forpus passerinus

    A single sighting on both Islands

    Blue-headed Parrot

    Pionus menstruus

    All sightings restricted to Trinidad

    Yellow-crowned Parrot

    Amazona ochrocephala

    2 birds at Nariva Swamp25th Trinidad

    Orange-winged Parrot

    Amazona amazonica

    Most numerous Parrot seen on both Islands

    Mangrove Cuckoo

    Coccyzus minor

    A single sighting of a pair at Bon Accord

    Little cuckoo

    Piaya minuta

    A single   bird seen on 26th Trinidad

    Smooth-billed Ani

    Crotophaga ani

    Common bird around coasts of both Trinidad/Tobago

    Striped Cuckoo

    Tapera naevia

    1 bird singing from wires on the Road to Asa Wright

    Ferruginous Pygmy-owl

    Glaucidium brasilianum

    2 birds seen from the veranda of Asa Wright Trinidad


    Steatornis caripensis

    20> birds seen in Dunston Cave Trinidad

    Common Potoo

    Nyctibius griseus

    1 bird at Asa Wright & 1 bird at Caroni Marsh Trinidad


    Nyctidromus albicollis

    Several birds seen whilst night watching at Waller fields

    White-tailed Nightjar

    Caprimulgus cayennensis

    Same status as above

    Band-rumped Swift

    Chaetura spinicauda

    Several sightings on Trinidad

    Grey-rumped Swift

    Chaetura cinereiventris

    Only sighting on Tobago

    Short-tailed Swift

    Chaetura brachyura

    Several sightings on Trinidad

    Fork-tailed Palm-swift

    Tachornis squamata

    Several birds seen on 25th & 26th Trinidad

    Rufous-breasted Hermit

    Glaucis hirsuta

    2 sightings on Tobago & 1 on Trinidad

    Green Hermit

    Phaethornis guy

    2 sightings both on Trinidad 25th & 26th

    Little Hermit

    Phaethornis longuemareus

    1 sighting Asa Wright 26th Trinidad

    White-tailed Sabrewing

    Campylopterus ensipennis

    1 bird, rain forest Tobago 18th

    White-necked Jacobin

    Florisuga mellivora

    A common hummingbird with many sightings both islands

    Black-throated Mango

    Anthracothorax nigricollis

    Another common hummingbird of the region

    Ruby-topaz Hummingbird

    Chrysolampis mosquitus

    4 sightings, 3 on Tobago & 1 on Trinidad

    Tufted Coquette

    Lophornis ornatus

    Several birds seen from Asa Wright Veranda most days

    Blue-chinned Sapphire

    Chlorostilbon notatus

    Birds seen on Trinidad 23rd & 24th

    Blue-tailed Emerald

    Chlorostilbon mellisugus

    Also seen on Trinidad 23rd & 24th

    White-chested Emerald

    Agyrtria brevirostris

    Seen at Asa Wright 22nd & 26th Trinidad

    Copper-rumped Hummingbird

    Saucerottia tobaci

    Probably the commonest of all Hummingbirds

    Long-billed Starthroat

    Heliomaster longirostris

    Just 1 sighting Asa Wright Trinidad 26th

    White-tailed Trogon

    Trogon viridis

    2 sightings Trinidad 23rd & 27th

    Violaceous Trogon

    Trogon violaceus

    Single sighting Asa Wright Trinidad 23rd

    Collared Trogon

    Trogon collaris

    1 sighting Gilpin Trace trail 18th Tobago

    Belted Kingfisher

    Ceryle alcyon

    1 sighting at Bon Accord Tobago 18th

    Ringed Kingfisher

    Ceryle torquatus

    A singleton at Waller Fields Trinidad 25th

    Green Kingfisher

    Chloroceryle americana

    A single sighting of a pair near Gilpin Trace Tobago

    Pygmy Kingfisher

    Chloroceryle aenea

    1 bird seen in a small swamp Trinidad

    Blue-crowned Motmot

    Momotus momota

    Sightings on both islands with daily visits to the feeders

    Rufous-tailed Jacamar

    Galbula ruficauda

    Birds observed on both islands

    Channel-billed Toucan

    Ramphastos vitellinus

    3 sightings, 2 from Asa Wright & 1 on Blanchisseuse Rd

    Red-crowned Woodpecker

    Melanerpes rubricapillus

    4 sightings all on Tobago

    Red-rumped Woodpecker

    Veniliornis kirkii

    Seen on 23rd Asa Wright Trinidad

    Golden-olive Woodpecker

    Piculus rubiginosus

    A single sighting on both Islands

    Lineated Woodpecker

    Dryocopus lineatus

    1 bird at Asa Wright & 1 bird at Waller Fields

    Stripe-breasted Spinetail

    Synallaxis cinnamomea

    1 sighting Gilpin Trace trail 18th Tobago

    Yellow-chinned Spinetail

    Certhiaxis cinnamomea

    1 bird 25th Blanchisseuse Rd Trinidad

    Grey-throated Leaftosser

    Sclerurus albigularis

    1 sighting access road to Asa Wright Trinidad

    Plain-brown Woodcreeper

    Dendrocincla fuliginosa

    A single sighting on 23rd Asa Wright trails Trinidad

    Cocoa Woodcreeper

    Xiphorhynchus susurrans

    A single sighting on 25th Blanchisseuse Rd Trinidad

    Great Antshrike

    Taraba major

    A single sighting on 23rd Asa Wright trails Trinidad

    Black-crested Antshrike

    Sakesphorus canadensis

    A singleton on the 26th Waller Fields Trinidad

    Barred Antshrike

    Thamnophilus doliatus

    4 sightings 3 on Tobago & 1 on Trinidad

    Plain Antvireo

    Dysithamnus mentalis

    1 sighting on both islands

    White-flanked Antwren

    Myrmotherula axillaris

    A singleton on Asa Wright Trails, 23rd Trinidad

    White-fringed Antwren

    Formicivora grisea

    2 sightings both on Tobago 17th, 18th

    Silvered Antbird

    Sclateria naevia

    A singleton Nariva swamp 25th Trinidad

    White-bellied Antbird

    Myrmeciza longipes

    A single sighting on Asa Wright Trails

    Bearded Bellbird  

    Procnias averano

    Several males seen displaying Asa Wright Trinidad

    White-bearded Manakin

    Manacus manacus

    2 birds seen on Asa Wright Trails, 23rd Trinidad

    Blue-backed Manakin

    Chiroxiphia pareola

    1 Grafton Estate, several   forest trail 18th Tobago

    Southern Beardless-tyrannulet  

    Camptostoma obsoletum

    1 bird observed at Waller Fields 26th Trinidad

    Forest Elaenia

    Myiopagis gaimardii

    Birds seen 23rd & 24th Asa Wright Trinidad

    Yellow-bellied Elaenia

    Elaenia flavogaster

    3 sightings all on Tobago

    Ochre-bellied Flycatcher

    Mionectes oleagineus

    A common bird on both islands 6 sightings during Trip

    Yellow-breasted Flycatcher

    Tolmomyias flaviventris

    A single sighting on both Islands

    Bran-coloured Flycatcher

    Myiophobus fasciatus

    1 bird observed at Waller Fields 26th Trinidad

    Fuscous Flycatcher

    Cnemotriccus fuscatus

    2 sightings Tobago 17th & 18th

    Euler's Flycatcher

    Lathrotriccus euleri

    Singleton on road near Asa Wright Trinidad

    Surphury Flycatcher

    Tyrannopsis sulphurea

    2 sightings Waller Fields Trinidad

    Olive-sided Flycatcher

    Contopus borealis

    1 bird Asa Wright 23rd Trinidad

    Tropical Pewee

    Contopus cinereus

    4 sightings all on Trinidad

    Pied Water-tyrant

    Fluvicola pica

    A common bird of watery environments

    White-headed Marsh-tyrant

    Arundinicola ieucocephala

    2 sightings both on Trinidad

    Brown-crested Flycatcher

    Myiarchus tyrannulus

    A single bird observed Bon Accord 17th Tobago

    Great Kiskadee

    Pitangus sulphuratus

    A common bird on Trinidad with sightings all days

    Boat-billed Flycatcher  

    Megarynchus pitangua

    Several sightings at Asa Wright centre

    Tropical Kingbird

    Tyrannus melancholicus

    A common bird on both islands.

    Grey Kingbird

    Tyrannus dominicensis

    Sightings most days on both islands

    White-winged Becard

    Pachyramphus polychopterus

    1 sighting 26th Trinidad

    Caribbean Martin

    Progne dominicensis

    Birds seen on 3 occasions, Bon Accord & water works

    Grey-breasted Martin

    Progne chalybea

    Seen on 3 occasions on Trinidad

    White-winged Swallow

    Tachycineta albiventer

    Small numbers seen on both Islands

    Southern Rough-winged Swallow

    Stelgidopteryx ruficollis

    Seen on Trinidad 25th & 26th

    Rufous-breasted Wren

    Thryothorus rutilus

    3 sightings between both islands

    House Wren

    Troglodytes aedon

    Common on both islands

    Tropical Mockingbird

    Mimus gilvus

    A very common bird with several seen every day

    Yellow-legged Thrush

    Platycichla flavipes

    1 sighting on Tobago

    Cocoa Thrush

    Turdus fumigatus

    Common around Asa Wright

    Bare-eyed Robin

    Turdus nudigenis

    Commonest thrush encountered during trip

    White-necked Thrush

    Turdus albicollis

    3 sightings on Trinidad

    Long-billed Gnatwren

    Ramphocaenus melanurus

    1 sighting Trinidad

    Red-eyed Vireo

    Vireo olivaceus

    1 sighting Trinidad 26th

    Scrub Greenlet

    Hylophilus flavipes

    3 sightings all on Tobago

    Golden-fronted Greenlet

    Hylophilus aurantiifrons

    3 sightings all on Trinidad

    Rufous-browed Peppershrike

    Cyclarhis gujanensis

    A single sighting Trinidad 26th

    Yellow Warbler  

    Dendroica petechia

    Singleton 26th Trinidad

    Golden-crowned Warbler

    Basileuterus culicivorus

    Seen on Asa Wright Trails 27th Trinidad

    Northern Waterthrush

    Seiurus noveboracensis

    Common on both islands


    Coereba flaveola

    Probably the commonest birds seen during the trip

    Bicoloured Conebill

    Conirostrum bicolor

    Singleton 27th Trinidad

    White-lined Tanager

    Tachyphonus rufus

    Very common on both islands

    Red-crowned Ant-tanager  

    Habia rubica

    Singleton 27th Trinidad

    Silver-beaked Tanager  

    Ramphocelus carbo

    A common bird on Asa Wright feeders

    Blue-grey Tanager

    Thraupis episcopus

    Common on both islands

    Palm Tanager

    Thraupis palmarum

    Common on both islands

    Trinidad Euphonia

    Euphonia trinitatis

    Singleton 26th Trinidad

    Violaceous Euphonia

    Euphonia violacea

    A common bird on Asa Wright feeders

    Turquoise Tanager

    Tangara mexicana

    5 sightings all on Trinidad

    Speckled Tanager

    Tangara guttata

    A single bird Blanchisseuse Rd Trinidad

    Bay-headed Tanager

    Tangara gyrola

    A common bird on Asa Wright feeders

    Blue Dacnis

    Dacnis cayana

    Only 2 birds seen both at Asa Wright Trinidad

    Green Honeycreeper

    Chlorophanes spiza

    A common bird on Asa Wright feeders

    Purple Honeycreeper

    Cyanerpes caeruleus

    A common bird on Asa Wright feeders

    Red-legged Honeycreeper

    Cyanerpes cyaneus

    1 sighting Tobago 18th

    Blue-black Grassquit

    Volatinia jacarina

    Common on both islands, locally called Johnny-jump-up

    Ruddy-breasted Seedeater

    Sporophila minuta

    Only sighting, Aripo Livestock Research Station, Trinidad

    Black-faced Grassquit

    Tiaris bicolor

    Several birds in Coco Reef grounds

    Grassland Yellow-finch

    Sicalis luteola

    Only sighting 25th Trinidad

    Red-capped Cardinal

    Paroaria gularis

    A single bird on the car park Caroni Marsh

    Greyish Saltator

    Saltator coerulescens

    Birds on the Asa Wright feeders every day

    Yellow-hooded Blackbird

    Chrysomus icterocephalus

    2 sightings both on Trinidad 25th & 26th

    Red-breasted Blackbird

    Sturnella militaris

    Singleton 25th Trinidad

    Carib Grackle

    Quiscalus lugubris

    Very common on both islands

    Shiny Cowbird

    Molothrus bonariensis

    5 sightings mostly on Tobago

    Giant Cowbird

    Molothrus oryzivorus

    4 sightings, 2 on both Islands

    Yellow Oriole

    Icterus nigrogularis

    Seen most days at Asa Wright

    Yellow-rumped Cacique

    Cacicus cela

    Birds seen 25th & 26th Trinidad

    Crested Oropendola

    Psarocolius decumanus

    Breeding colony at Asa Wright


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